Religions of the World Civilization Interactive CD-ROM (CD)


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1995 Religions of the World -- Civilization Interactive CD-ROM Windows Version (CD) ***Contains: #90103 Interactive CD-ROM(CD), *Multimedia Scrap Book(Disk), & #F90103 User's Guide(P) [***57 Pages] ***Features: *Aspects of Religion Consider the Beliefs, Forms of Worship, Scriptures, Artifacts, Festivals, People, Religious Communities and Places of Worship of Each Religion, *Core Religious Beliefs and Ethics Are Described and Explained in the Context of Modern Living, *Personal View Presents a Series of Unique and Often Revealing Interviews, *Journey Through the Sacred Buildings and Places of Worship to the World's Major Religions in the Visit Section, *Over 1000 Photographs, Maps, Illustrations and Text, & *Comprehensive User Guide ***UPC# 066805901034 ***90103 ***ISBN-13: 9780773301030 ***Condition: Like New @media-

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